Ara Exclusives Founded in 2014 with the aim of bringing the latest fashion trends to your doorstep, Ara Exclusives is changing the way India looks at fashion, with every product we bring out.

Ara Exclusives picks the most unique and exquisite products & delivers them to your doorstep. We are the India wide distributors for one of the world’s most famous perfume & Oodh brand : Asghar Ali. Yes, you read it right. Right from the docks of Bahrain, the most beloved perfume brand across the middle east &; Europe, is now just a click away. We also have one of the most luxurious apparel line, that will change your definitions of contemporary & ethnic. Our apparel range comprises of the most intricate works, hand woven with the finest threads of organic silk, cotton & much more. And guess what, it does not just stop there. Ara Exclusives is coming up with the latest the trendiest range of suits for men.